Competition Team


Once again – Park City Karate Competition Team – has a USA Karate National Champion!  This makes 6 years in a row that we have a gold medalist.  And, several of our Team earned silver or bronze medals at USA Karate Nationals again in 2017.

Why Competition is Beneficial:
Competition can teach many important life lessons — overcoming challenges, controlling emotions, taking pride in the results of hard work, valuing teamwork.  Our Coaching philosophy is based upon reward for effort, as opposed to reward for medals. Our Athletes need to know that we, Coaches and Parents, value their effort, as opposed to being soley focused on wins.

Our Expectations:  
We expect our Team to participate in a minimum of 2 classes as well as Team Trainings each week.  We expect the highest level of effort and best behavior from Team Members in Team trainings and classes.  We expect athletes to be on time, prepared and focused for all trainings.

Park City Karate™ is known nationally as one of the highest producing teams (medals per athlete count) in the country.  Not all of our athletes will medal at Nationals, but all of our Team athletes are training along side National Medalists!